TASECO operates to very high standards which we have honed and improved over the last 30 years. Nevertheless, we are not complacent and are constantly on the lookout for improvements that will enable us to offer our clients an even better level of service.

We place safety, that of our staff, our clients’ staff and all those who may come into contact with any aspect of our business, at the top of our agenda. We are proud of our safety record that exceeds the highest European standards.

Our employees are trained to the highest standards both in our workshops and by the vehicle manufacturers.

We believe that our Preventive Maintenance Programme knows no equal. It is the foundation upon which our reputation for reliability has been built.

TASECO has long operated a mixed fleet of vehicles, from cars to trucks, from 15 seat coasters to 51 seat luxury inter-city coaches, from pickups to wreckers. We buy them, we drive them, we maintain them, we operate them, we lease them, we overhaul them, we refurbish them, we rebuild their mechanical parts, we rewire them, re-upholster them and repaint them. In fact we do just about everything possible with vehicles small or large, passenger or goods.

TASECO is perhaps the most experienced Company in Saudi Arabia offering a comprehensive and wide range of services and facilities, and because we have over 30 years of learning behind us, we believe that we know our business.

Throughout its existence TASECO has been proud to provide a wide range of vehicles on contract to Saudi Aramco, a Company which insists upon the highest standards of safety and reliability. We are proud of our relationship with Saudi Aramco and its longevity gives testimony to the Company’s high standards.